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New Company Website Launched

2023.03.31News Release

We have recently revamped our website. Focusing on those who are considering working for our company, we have renewed it so that you can understand our company just by reading it.

The major change is the corporate site and the recruitment site have been separated, and the information that our visitors want to know on each site has been reorganized in an easy-to-understand manner. By browsing our website, you can understand the past, present, and future of our company in the metal industry.

We will continue to strive for a more user-friendly site and enrich its content. Please feel free to contact us with any opinions or suggestions regarding our website through the inquiry form.

On June 30th (Friday), as the second phase, we plan to publish more in-depth content about the people working at our company, such as employee interviews and roundtable discussions, on the recruitment site. Please look forward to it.

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